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Mandated Training

Human Trafficking Prevention Training

Human Trafficking Prevention: All Connecticut lodging employees are required to have annual training. 

  • Check CLA Homepage for scheduled trainings. 
  • In-house training through the DHS Blue Campaign: The Blue Campaign is the unified voice for DHS' efforts to combat human trafficking. Print and review the hospitality toolkit in either ENGLISH or SPANISH. Then watch the DHS What is Human Trafficking videos. Make sure to document trainings with date and save in the employees personnel file. 
  • AAHOA Human Trafficking Awareness Training is a FREE digital educational offering available for AAHOA members and their employees. 
  • AHLA Human Trafficking Awareness TrainingYour Role in Preventing Human Trafficking: The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute’s long-standing online training program, available through AHLEI by the AHLA partnership with Marriott InternationalPACT – Protect All Children from Trafficking and Polaris, addresses the issue of human trafficking and discusses the intersections between human trafficking and the hospitality industry. The training is available in 17 languages to ensure that global hospitality organizations can share this important program as widely as possible. For additional training programs, visit PolarisPACT – Protect All Children from Trafficking and BESTWebsite
  • Other resources
    • HART (Human Anti-trafficking Response Team) offers many videos, data, and resources. 

    • LOVE 146 resources will go over instructions on how to talk to managers and owners at hotels and motels about how to identify and report sex trafficking. Ideally, your group will be able to put up a poster in the hotel/motel with information about the National Human Trafficking Hotline where it will be easily visible to employees, and also schedule a training session with the employees to go over the indicators of trafficking.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention: Connecticut law now requires sexual harassment training for all employees. Employers must now provide two hours of sexual harassment training to all employees in Connecticut, not just supervisors. New employees hired after October 1, 2019, must be trained within six months of hire.

  • Contact FordHarrison for trainings. 
  • AHLA: Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Hospitality Industry is an interactive training program to address and help prevent sexual harassment and the harmful impact it has on individuals and businesses. Developed specifically for our unique industry, this modern, engaging course features scenario-based learning and focuses on the impact to individuals and emphasizes the responsibility each employee has to maintain a respectful and inclusive workplace.
  • Click here to view the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities' Sexual Harassment Prevention Training